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There is a recipe that I just tried this weekend that is listed under the Recipe Section as Heirloom Frosting. It is not very sweet, but has a texture similar to stabilized whipped cream. I put it on Red Velvet Cakes this past week and got rave reviews from coworkers.
Do you have to get a business license or permit in your city? Or can I just start charging people? I have no clue how to begin now, seeing as I never thought this day would come!
This is so exciting! Now if I can just figure out what else I need to do in order to sell my cakes from home!
I just finished two cakes for tomorrow. One was for my husband's birthday and is a Nebraska Cornhusker football helmet. The other is an aquarium for my nephew's birthday. My 10 year old sister helped decorate that one until she got sleepy and abandoned me at one. I am finished and got the kitchen cleaned up though.
Here is a chart I kinda go by
Thank you. I could have made a lot more improvements because I see a bunch of flaws. But, I figured if I had to bake my own cake, then I wasn't going to spend all night on it. LOL
I just finished a sandcastle cake for my birthday party tomorrow. I figured I wanted to try to do one, and I needed a cake, so that's what I did. Now I am tired but too wired to go to bed yet.
I get my foamcore at the Dollar Tree and can get several pieces out of it.
I have used MMF and toba garrett's fondant and love both of them. The only kind I have ever bought was Wilton and that was to practice with and learn how the texture should feel when I made it.
Welcome! I am by no means a professional, but I love to bake also. This site is very addictive and everyone here is so helpful. I have learned so much from my fellow cc'ers the past couple of years. I think your cakes are cute byt the way.
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