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Try wrapping the cardboard in tinfoil, it will prevent the cardboard from absorbing the moisture from the cake!
They deliver to Canada! They have a lot of great stuff, so much I want to buy lol...   Thanks again, you have been so helpful!
I found it on Amazon Uk but they don't deliver to Canada, and the .ca or .com doesn't have it. I'm going to look around on other websites to see if they carry it.   Thanks again for all the help, it'll be alot easier to find now that I know what it's called :)
Aww so pretty! I love how there are so many different ways you can dress them up!   I tried to find them on amazon but only seem to find the cutter, can I ask where you purchased your's? Thanks!
Thank you! And yes I would love to see :)
Hi, does anyone know the name of this flower cutter?     TIA!
Thanks! I'm going to practice on fondant before I try it on a cake :)
Thank you so much!! You guys have all been so helpful.   Thank you K8memphis for the description, I was just thinking of sticking the tool into the fondant silly of me.   Thank you Goreti for the links, the visual really helps with understanding how to get that look.   @Enga I love those cakes too, they are so beautiful!   Thank you again to everyone who helped me :)
Thanks for responding!  I didn't even notice the beads on the puffed tier lol.    The impression I was referring to was the one behind the bead, I have a pointy tool but wasn't sure if that was what would work because after sticking the tool in it would leave a big hole, but I guess the bead should cover that up?
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