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Best wishes on finding a helper. If I were not in Owasso it would work out great for me. I would do it as a supplement to the income. Best of luck to you and let us know how it turns out.
You might try filling him up to when you insert the core cake batter is squished out. Have made him 6 times doing this and have not had a problem. I used a combo of a full batter of pound cake with a little regular cake batter mix in, like 1/2 the batter of a box mix to a full mix of pound cake.Sorry you've had so much trouble.
I believe that you can use it, but it will cost points. I have lost my list of rules. Check out the Ok sugar art website to be sure though.
I purchased the small set of the Wilton Fondant letter cutters. I was using MMF and had a hard time getting the fondant out of the cutters. It took me an hour, but I finally got enough good letters to put on my dd 3rd bday cake. (It's in my pics) I did notice that as the MMF got harder they did come out a little easier. Has anyone used them before and should I let the MMF harden up a bit. Thanks in advance for any tips.Gail
I agree with most posters that the cakes were not up to my expectations. I think the cupcake display looked like it was being served on a set of TV trays. I understand that they were trying to capture the look of the Tiffany box, just not my cup of tea. I was torn betwen Sylvia's and Wendys cakes, so I let my daughter decide. She chose Sylvia's. Should have guessed she loves flowers.
Thanks for the tip! The Wal Mart closest to my work did not have them. So the coupon will come in handy.
That is sweet! I am looking for a sharp cornered rectangle pan and have been agonizing over spending the $15.00 for the wilton one from Hobby Lobby. I will check my Wal Mart today during lunch. Thanks for the heads up.
Just wanted to thank everyone again for their ideas. The girls had a lot of fun decorating the cake. The oldest kept coming in the kitchen wanting to know when I was going to be done so SHE could be a decorator. I made a large batch of buttercream thinking that they would love to squeeze it out all over the cake. Well turns out they wanted to use the leftover MMF from Stitch to decorate it. The baby ate more MMF than she rolled out. Here is a link to the final...
cakeladyinri - I wish I had an image printer, it is on my wish list. keonicakes - Movie Passes are a great idea, I will sneak out to the theater tomorrow and get him some.vrmcc1 - I had not thought of letting the girls decorate the cake. I think that is a good idea! I will post a picture of the cake and a link to a picture of them decorating it. My poor Kitchen may never be the same after they are done with it. I have been so stressed this week from work. I could not...
Okay fellow cc'ers my hubbt turns 40 on Monday and has now decided he wants a cake. Which is fine, I am just in a rut for ideas. I need something simple as my dd's will want to help (6 and 3). Things that he likes: Disney, Pirates, Trading cards, Movies. If anyone knows of some links to pics of fairly simple designs, I would appreciate the help. I am pressed for time. TIAGail
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