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I think chocolate or regular bc would be great. Ganache might be too rich, but if you are doing a "chocolate lovers" or "death by chocolate" ganache would be the way to go. Hope this helpsJen
What kind of chocolate are you using? Did any water get into the mixture. Water will ruin chocolate. I have made modeling choco many times and the only two times I had issues was when I over heated the chocolate or when I had water in my measuring cup. HTH
I have attached candy molds before and just used extra bc. Use a small tip like a 4 to pipe some on the back and apply. I did have any problems. HTHJenn
How do you get neon orange and neon blue? I an doing a cake for a friend and she wants neon orange and blue stars out of mmf. The cake itself is going to be lime green. I have made lime green before, but never anything neon colored. Can you even get neon blue? Thanks for the help.Jenn
When I started looking for new pans I was given a set of 8 rounds (all different sizes 4"-18 and 3 squares (all different sizes6,10,14) by a lady from church who is old enough to be my grandma(70yrs old). They were her great-aunt's. She guesses that they were bought in the 40's. I love them! They bake so evenly every time. I am not sure what they are made of, but they are heavy. If I could find more I would buy them.
Here is a link to a color chart. At the bottom is how to get silver. When I make it I got more of a silvery blue color. Hopr this helps.Jenn
I used the pampered chef batter bowl to get the shape. It was pretty easy to do. If you have any questions just pm me.
Here is the HM cake I did. I have two boy and my daughter is still little so I had no idea what to do. Hope this helps.
That sounds so yummy! I would think alternating the flavors would work. That way you get equal amounts of goodness
Too Funny!
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