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First off...congrats on the wedding!! Secondly...this is such an amazing and unique idea. I think it's so awesome that you found a way to incorporate all the CC'ers into your special day. Thanks for keeping us in mind even with all that goes into planning a wedding. I know your cake is going to be absolutely gorgeous and most definitely the greatest cake colloboration ever
Oddly enough another item that will get rid of ants is baby powder. They eat it and it kills them. I'll use it wherever I see them around my house and sprinkle it on the ant hills or if I see a trail of them and within a couple of more ants
Your cake was amazing!!! And you've only been decorating a short time??? You have incredible talent and even though your cake fell you should be proud of going outside your box and entering even if you didn't want to. You definitely would have won had it not fallen!
As someone in the marketing business with a degree in public relations and marketing I can tell you that it's always best to work with a marketing person who has a graphic artist that they like to work with. Graphic artists are amazing and talented and do things that I never ever could but often get bogged down in their art and you don't want to end up with a logo that looks cools but is unreadable and you had to pay for. A marketing person can filter through that kind...
Don't feel guilty!! Even Moms and Wives deserve some time off once in a while. Tell your DH and baby girl how much you love them then go have a great time and take lots of pictures and enjoy a fabulous city. Chicago is a great city and you will love it
I have to agree!! This site is wonderful and all the wonderful people who offer up their ideas, tips, suggestions, creativity, and help deserve medals. Everyone on here is so gracious and helpful and I don't know what I would do without all the CC'ers!
Thanks for asking!! I'm like you, thought everybody just got it and have just been experimenting with different methods to try and get it right. Thanks for being the brave soul who asked~!~
Oooh I'm definitely with all of you and the putting the icing in the decorator bag...grrr I always make such a mess and end up with icing everywhere and then it's always smushes back to the top because by then I'm angry frustrated and impatient. Then I'm ready to whip out the can o'frosting and hand to my DH and say have at it. Definitely gonna try the saran wrap method. Thanks for the great tip~!~
I just looked at those pics and you did an awesome job on both of those cakes! I expected to see something kinda messy and those looked beautiful and professional - you're great!!! Congrats on the beautiful cakes and the detail is fabulous.
Ooooh ooooh oooh please please please share! Thanks!
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