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I have 2 unopened packages of Pettitnice fondant (chocolate and white) that I bought in October 2006! I also have a box of Wilton Fondant purchased at the same time.Can I use them in 2 weeks or are they no good. There is no expiry date on any of the packages and the packages seem nice and pilable so I think I could still roll them.If I need new packages I need to order the fondant this weekend to get it in time to cover my cake, so your help is greatly appreciated.Thanks!
Can you make any flowers? Some simple flowers or some scrollwork would look nice. You could even make a pattern with dots all over the cake.
I need to make a birthday cake for work in a couple of weeks. I am going to do a 2 layer 8" cake to feed 20 people.Would I be able to cover the cake in chocolate ganache and add fondant flower cutouts as decorations? Will the fondant stick to the ganache and if so do I use more ganache to attach the fondant?If I end up covering the cake in buttercream instead of ganache how do I best stick the fondant decos to the BC? Can I use additional BC and can the decorating be...
Your cakes are absolutely!
I feel sorry for all of you that have UPS horror stories.I for one am really lucky and have an awesome UPS delivery guy. I guess I order a lot of packages, because now if he sees me, he goes right away to get my package without me having to ask .I hope he stays on my route for a long time.
There is a peanut butter filling here on CC which is great. I use it all the time.If you want a hazelnut filling you can use a jar of Nutella as filling.
peanut butter filling
Buttercream or Chocolate Ganache
I have done a search on CC and could not find the answer to my question, although I know it's been asked numerous times before so I apologize for this repost.If I bake and freeze a cake this week (needed for Sat July 28th) can I then defrost and decorate it next Thursday (July 26) or about 2 days in advance?Will it stay fresh? I am planning on a 1 layer cake with buttercream and some cupcakes. I might be away on the Friday/Saturday of that week and not able to decorate...
Peanut Butter Filling is a great option. There is a very good peanut butter filling on CC that I use in my chocolate cakes and I get rave reviews.
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