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Here are a couple I have made that I love:Ladybugs and Cookie Monster Cupcakes. Sorry I couldn't get them any smaller to add the picture to the post.
I know this has been asked in the past, but it is possible to get a forum dedicated just to Cupcakes, like the ones for Cookies?I love the fact that there is a thread now dedicated to cupcakes, but to scroll through 20 pages of replies is a lot if you are looking for a particular recipe/idea etc.It would be easier to search for cupcake related info I think if there was forum and posts could be labeled/searched for more specifically.Thanks!
I want to make a poured type icing using ganache instead of a tried and true poured icing.What is the best way to thin out the ganache so that it pours on the top/sides nicely.Can you make a good white chocolate ganache (what type of chocolate do you use)?Thanks!
I am going to be making a "mug of tea" cake for my DH's birthday on Friday. For the "tea" would caramel sauce be a good choice (to match the colour of tea)? That to me seems the best choice, I think chocolate icing would be too dark.ThanksCeline
Thanks. I will cover the batter and put it the fridge while the first batch is baking.Thanks!
I need to make 4-6 inch cakes this weekend for my hubby's birthday. Can I take 2 boxes of cake mix and make all the batter at one time (so that would be 2 cake mixes, 8 eggs, 2 boxes of pudding etc.).I only have 2-6" pans so I will bake the first batch, cool and then the second batch and make an 8 inch cake with the leftovers.Thanks!
I assume that this icing wouldn't crust? If it does, I'll definitely try it out soon.
I mixed the mini peanut butter cups (cut into halves) with a little flour and mixed them into the batter (once batter was in the pan, so that they got evenly distributed).The cakes turned out well.
The cake looks wonderful.
I want to make a chocolate cake with peanut butter cups mixed into the batter.Has anyone tried mixing in peanut butter cups (I would take the mini cups and cut them in half) into the cake batter?My DH's birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I thought this cake with a peanut butter filling and a ganache frosting would be scrumptious.I don't want to burn the cake but adding the peanut butter cups.Thanks
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