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If I used the recipe below to fill a cake does the cake need to be refrigerated? I think it can be kept out since ganche normally can be, but I wanted to make sure.Peanut Butter Chocolate Ganache RecipeIngredients You Will Need:1 cup heavy cream1 ½ cups chocolate chip morsels4 tablespoons unsalted butter¾ cup powdered sugar½ cup smooth peanut butterThanksCeline
anyone else?
Does anyone know if Bettercreme is available in MA, more specifically Boston. I don't have it in the local Shaws or Stop and Shop.Thank youCeline
My sis gave me $ for a joint b-day/Christmas present so I'm going to get some new Magic Line Pans Into The Oven has a Cheesecake Pan by Fat Daddio's. Is this the same as a springform pan? I will never make a cheesecake but I know there are other cakes, pies that need a springform pan and that is what I am looking for.ThanksCeline
I just used Polaner's seedless raspberry jam/preserves for my lemon cake as a filling and it was yummy.
Does anyone have any tips for baking a cake in the sports ball pan? I tried using this pan once and the cake would not bake through properly.I want to make an M&M cake for my husband's birthday in the fall and I want to do a couple of practice cakes before and this is the first step that I need to figure out.ThanksCeline
Thank you Lisa...anyone else with some other recipes?
Does anyone have a good chocolate banana cake recipe (preferably starting with a box mix) that they are willing to share. I want to try this with a peanut butter filling/mousse and chocolate frosting/ganache.
If you whip ganache does it harden as you spread it between your layers? How do you/can you get a whipped ganache that stays creamy and light (similar to truffle filling).If I have a 2 layer filled cake, what is the best way to cover a cake in ganache so that I get full coverage of the cake. Do I need to crumb coat the cake with a chocolate frosting first (and if so, which recipe do you use) and then pour the ganache or can you just cover in ganache?Thanks!Celine
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