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Do you have to dip brownie/cake pops in melted chocolate only or will thinned buttercream stick?I want to make some Thanksgiving themed brownie pops this weekend but instead of using melted chocolate I wanted to use a mocha buttercream instead.TIA!
My son's birthday party is on a Saturday, but his actual birthday is the day before on Friday.I am planning on making cupcakes, mini cupcakes and a 6 inch cutting cake. Can I bake on Wednesday, decorate on Thursday and serve on Saturday afternoon or will the cupcakes and cake be stale. The cupcakes will be in buttercream (piped fur for the sesame street characters) and the cake will be fondant.I did not want to be cake decorating on Friday so that we could have a fun day...
I'm making chocolate covered oreos as party favours for my son's first birthday. People will grab them on their way out the door. They will be jungle themed for the party.How many do I make per person? 1 or 2? If 2 they will be in the same bag. The kids will get loot bags so this is just a little treat for the adults.
Here is the link to a picture. I cannot post an attachment (picture) for some reason)
What shade of blue in the Americolor Blue gel colour should I get to get this shade of blue (I think turquoise maybe)?
My son's first birthday is fast approaching.The birthday party is on a Saturday with his actual birthday being the Wednesday of that week.I was thinking to bake the cakes on Tuesday and then decorate on Thursday/Friday.Is that too long to leave the cakes at room temperature (if I bake that early should I freeze the cakes)?We only have a fridge freezer-so freezing will be tough but I will see what I can do.Your input is appreciated.Thanks
I want to print some 2 inch circle images to be used as cupcake toppers/decorations for cake.I need to get them printed at a local grocery store since I do not have an printer for edible images.If I print out a page of the circle images (in the size that I want) and give it for printing will each circle come off the page individually (or would I have to cut each of them out)?How do you print out edible images for cupcake toppers so they peel off individually and you would...
I accidentally left 2 new packages of fondant in the car overnight. It was about -10C here. I have them thawing in the coldest place in the house right now to hopefully prevent condensation from forming.Will they be okay to use? Any suggestions?
Does this recipe (Peanut Butter Dream Buttercream) need refrigeration?It has 3 tbsp of whipping cream to 3 cups of powdered sugar with 1 cup of butter.Thanks!
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