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No need to refrigerate the decorated cookies! The high sugar content acts as a preservative. The unused icing should be refrigerated to keep it fresh for up to 10 days. It will still be okay to use after that, but the finish may suffer.
I've never had a problem with my glace icing crystallizing. The only problem I encounter is when the icing gets too cold before it sets. Then it gets a bit blotchy and spidery. Keeping the kitchen warm helps, and I've found that using a heat gun to speed the drying process also helps.
I just finished making my favorite chocolate mint brownies. Fudgy brownie with a layer of mint buttercream topped with a chocolate coating. Yumm!
You can try adding a small amount of vegetable oil to the chocolate. Sometimes that is all it needs to become pourable again.
If they're flat, they'd be great for making sandwich cookies! Use buttercream icing as a filling between two cookies, or fill with ice cream and freeze! It'll look like you wanted them to be flat!
I came down with the Norovirus on a Thursday. A friend had ordered a cake for a Sunday pick-up. While I was feeling good enough to do the cake on Saturday, I read that I would be contagious for another four days. I called my friend and told her the story and let her decide if the cake was that important to her to take the risk of me doing it. (The media had done a good job of broadcasting the Norovirus epidemic that hit my sons school, so she knew all about it!) She wisely...
Everybody wants something for nothing! They look in the grocery aisle and see what a cake mix and a tub of frosting goes for and think they should get a decorated cake for that amount. These are the people you do not want as customers!!! They have no clue and no appreciation for the work and skill that go into a nicely decorated cake.
I love these wonderful little cookies! I'm too much of a chicken to give them a try all by myself, but would jump at the chance to learn how to make them from someone who knew what they were doing! Not to many "how to" classes out there on making macarons, though.
I only spent a few minutes drying the cookies. I didn't need the icing completely set, just enough to be able to ice on top of it without the base icing sinking. I know a lot of decorators use heat lamps to do this, but the heat gun works really well for me.
I had to pass along this tip that I found on the "Cookiers R Us" website where it said that a heat gun can be used to speed up the drying time of your icing.I had a last-minute request for 24 cookies that I had to bake and decorate in one short evening. I used an embossing heat gun that I bought at Micheal's for around $12 (love those 50% off coupons!) to set the white base coat before adding the logo on top. I was worried that the red top color would bleed into the white...
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