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Much will depend on your market! You might easily get $4 a cookie in one state/city, but only $2 (or less) somewhere else. You'll have to do some research in your area to see what would be a reasonable price. Don't be surprised if people react with shock to anything over $1!
I generally refrigerate my glaze if I know I won't be using it for a couple days. If I know I'll be decorating in the morning, I'll leave it out overnight. You can leave the icing in the bag, but not if it's going to be for a number of days. It's best to stir the icing if it's been sitting for a while. Once I'm done decorating, I refrigerate the leftovers. It'll be good for about 10 to 14 days. After that, the final finish starts to suffer IMO.I use disposable decorating...
Perhaps she was thinking that the cakes are baked on the premises, as opposed to shipped in frozen from a distributor. So maybe to her they are from scratch. I know it's a stretch, but who knows.
CWR41, great tips! Thank you!
Bonnie, they sound wonderful! I'll have to run over to Hobby Lobby and see if there are any left at the store by me! Thanks for the information!
I use a glace icing for all my cookie decorating. I always pipe the darkest/most intense color first, and go from darkest to lightest. If possible, let the darker color set longer by icing a color that doesn't touch it until it has a chance to dry. Wet colors seem to like to leach into the dry colors, so if the dry colors are darker than the wet, you won't notice the bleed. Once all the areas have been iced, I add the black outlines and details with a #1s tip. (Most of the...
Bonnie, do you remember what the designs were? The Birkmann cutters I got have a flower, sun, clover, and heart. The sun is impossible to get the dough out, so I don't think I'll be using that one very often! But I LOVE the hearts!
I bought mine on ebay, and they were manufactured by Birkmann. Very cute and fun! Once I had them in my hands, I can see how you can use just about any mini cutter and cut out a slot so it will fit on the coffee cup rim. Having cutters is quicker, though!!!!
I sent 60 cookies home with my sister last year for her husband's retirement party. She flew from Omaha to Boston. I wrapped each cookie in small bubble wrap and placed them in a shoe box. She put them in a shopping type bag and carried them on. Not a single cookie broke! If you carry them on, you have far greater control over what happens to them than if you put them in your luggage. Just make sure they'll fit under the seat, between your feet. Good luck!
A tye-dye design always works! No right or wrong, really. All they'll need is a toothpick for a tool and for you to demonstrate what happens when you drag it different ways thru wet icing.Good luck with your class! This is a wonderful thing you're doing for these kids!!!
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