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Even the simplest of my decorated cookies are more time-consuming than my decorated cupcakes! Locally, some bakers have no trouble getting $3 for a cupcake with just a swirl of icing.Yet people are shocked if I charge more than $2 for a detailed cookie. Many people just can't get beyond "it's just a cookie". They see fancy cakes and cupcakes on TV and seem to be more willing to pay for those....
Look for the treat bags that have pleated sides. They'll be alot longer than you'll need, so you'll have to trim off some, but they'll work. I've seen them at the Michael's by me. You could also try Walmart (though they've really cut back on their stock of decorating items). If nothing else, get the fold top baggies at the grocery store. You can cut where the flapis folded over to make it lay flat. Good luck!
When I did these, I went a different route than many people. Instead of pouring in batter and baking, I simply used cake scraps to fill the cones, layered with small amounts of icing. I guess I just didn't like the idea of eating a whole bunch of cake without some frosting thrown in!I'll be very curious to see what responses you get for pricing and transporting!
Rather than use a blow dryer, use a heat gun. I bought one fairly cheap at Michael's in their scrapbooking section. Using their weekly coupon, I think I spent just over $10. It works great for getting your icing to dry quickly! Just let the icing sit for a little bit before using the heat gun. I keep the gun about 6" or so above the cookies and move it slowly back and forth. Best $10 I ever spent!
I have to update my response, given that the local shop owner won on Sunday during a re-match of past contestants who hadn't won previously. I'm going to try to get over to the shop to try out the Peach Mimosa sounds divine! (As divine as a non-chocolate cupcake can be!)
I've been to a cupcake shop in Omaha where the owner made it to the final round, but sadly, lost. His family's shop is incredible! Very polished and modern and fun. They give away free cupcakes every day to the first 100 customers who ask for the day's special flavor, and I've had a few of those. YUMMMM! Interesting flavors and delicious icing. If I could get a job there decorating, I would be in heaven!!!!
I always decorate the "top", but I know many decorators like decorating the flatter surface of the bottom. I say use whichever one you like best! I can't help you with the dents, sorry. I don't really have a problem with pockets forming...luckily! Maybe someone else can give you some hints for eliminating those. But I wouldn't be too concerned if they are on the bottom. Decorate the tops so pretty that no one thinks to turn the cookie over!
I would have the parachute cookie taper down so that there is space enough to attach the decorated soldier cookie at the bottom. The cookie between the bottom of the parachute and the soldier would remain "naked" with just icing strings piped to connect the parachute to the soldier. Does that make any sense? Trying to attach them with string to look like an actual parachute and soldier sounds like more headache than I'd care to deal with!
I have the Kopykake 1000 and love it! It's bulky and cumbersome but a wonderful decorating tool. I can't say how good the 300 model is, but I know the 1000 is well worth the money (for me, anyway).
Yes, you could easily pipe the lettering onto the parchment and, when dry, peel off and attach to the cookie with a dab of icing (either glace or RI). To save your hands, though, have you considered using food color pens? You'll have to make sure the glace has fully dried before doing the writing. And then be sure to let the food color dry before bagging or stacking so you don't smear the writing.
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