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Glace is my favorite. It dries firm to the touch, but stays soft underneath. It's still sweet, though.   3 cups powdered sugar, sifted 3 tablespoons corn syrup 3 tablespoons milk or water (I use skim milk) 1 1/2 tsp. extract (my top two choices are vanilla and almond, but lemon is also yummy) 15 drops brite white food color (optional - I use Americolor)   In a medium size bowl and with a spoon, mix all the ingredients except the bright white until smooth....
I've been using Silpats, and love them! They're not cheap, but they've held up great for over two years now and I never have to buy parchment paper. I bought them on sale at Sur La Table.
Hi, Rosie! A job switch has made getting on the computer difficult during the day, and my home computer doesn't like this website for some reason. It won't let me access it! So I spend most of my computer time on Flickr now. How's things with you???
Glace icing does NOT like to get cold! If you refrigerate or freeze the decorated cookies before the icing is completely set (a good 24 hous or more) the icing will end up looking splotchy. I've found that adding some brite white food color when you mix up your icing helps, but doesn't completely eliminate the problem.
I like to put chocolate covered Oreos into cupcake liners, so I don't need inserts. Finding boxes locally hasn't been a problem. For online businesses, I've had good luck with Papermart.
Saying no will not have a negative impact on her business. All she has to do is be gracious when she declines their request. And congratulations to her on her successful business!!!
Other than the dresses and purses, there are always shoes and hats you could do. I'm thinking along the lines of paper dolls, which should work with American Dolls. I don't know what else your client expects. Cookies of the actual doll??? That would be way-y-y too expensive for her, as it would take so much time to get it to look nice! Did you ask her exactly what she was wanting and how much she wanted to spend? A super high quote for detailed doll cookies may make the...
When I made chocolate covered oreos for my nephew's wedding, they put them in little tins that had lids. Each oreo was placed in a cupcake liner, then placed in the tin. The tin held two of the oreos perfectly (I used the bride & groom molds from SpinningLeaf). She bought the tins online, then cut pretty scrapbooking paper to wrap around the outside. Added a ribbon, and they made for some very fancy favors! None were left on the tables when the reception ended.
I'm not sure about the pricing, but the first thing that popped into my head when I saw you were doing small cookies that go with a saucer and mug of coffee are the cookies that hang on the side of a cup. Perfectly adorable and perfect for what you want! You can get the cutters or adapt a mini cutter. Good luck!
I rarely sell my cookies. But when I do, I'd say they average $2. I realized a long time ago that I would never get rich selling my cookies. There just isn't a good market for them where I live.
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