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Check Plastics in Print. They can make you what you want at a reasonable price. (I personally really, really like the ecrandal cutters! They are not only cutters, but works of art).
I recently did a number of service ribbon cookies for a Vietnam Veterans reunion. I just did them if glace icing and found they went pretty quick. I think the fondant will look really nice!
The wood sticks should give you the uniform cookie thickness you're wanting. I splurged and bought a DoBoard a number of years ago, and love it. Yes, it was expensive, but well worth the cost for me. Check into it if you aren't happy with the MUCH cheaper wood sticks. (I also tried the rolling pin rings, but didn't get the uniformity I was after).
Hmmm...I must have the only kids who would've eaten the cookie before they even left the building! No  worries about packaging....   Great ideas with the plate and ziplock.
Circles, squares, and hearts are all very verstile. I have LOTS of these shapes in all different sizes. Lots of flower sizes, too. I still gravitate toward hand-cut designs, though. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment when it comes to cookie decorating!
Buttercream would probably be my choice. You could also try glaze icing. It doesn't dry hard like RI.
I'm so glad you liked the Star Wars cookies as cake decorations. They're some of my favorites, too. Since I don't work in fondant, it's a great way to get some really interesting designs onto a cake.
While it may take some practice, I have found it fairly easy to get the glace icing to the right consistency for piping details. I've had no luck posting my more recent photos to CC, but there are plenty of examples in my album. Or you can always check my Flickr photos. If you have any questions about using glace, don't hesitate to ask! If you're looking for some yummy extracts to add to your icing, I recommend Spices, Etc.
A number of really talented cookie decorators do corporate gifts. "A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe" does fabulous work.
You could always bag the cookie, tie it securely shut with a pretty ribbon, and then glue or tape the stick onto the bag.
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