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I've seen the Chefmaster brand of edible metallic food sprays, and the reviews seem pretty good. But I haven't used the product myself.
The best place to buy Oreo molds is SpinningLeaf, IMO. Check out all their products on-line. Love them! I have the mold they used to make the ones in your photo. As texasmom said, it would then have to be covered with edible paint (there's a spray that would be ideal).
I've had this recipe for a while, but never tried it. You will notice that it does not have eggs.
I haven't found this to be a problem. I use a close version of the NFSC recipe you can find on this site.
MBalaska, aren't you the sweetest? So glad you like my cookies! I really like those beer mug cookies of yours!!! I haven't had much luck for quite a while posting photos here (I think my computer is the problem. Or it could be operator error....) But I gave up after a while, and just post on Flickr.   chocaholikk, it's really true that practice makes perfect! I know I'm far from it, but cookie decorating is my therapy, so I keep practicing. Don't give up!
Thank you for the wonderful compliment on my cookies! I spend about as much time outlining as I do the actual flooding, so I've had lots of practice outlining! The hard part for me is trying to put into words what I've learned about working with glace. Did you post photos of your cookies??????
A couple things to keep in mind when working with glaze:   1. Don't refrigerate the decorated cookies...or at least not for 24 to 32 hours. Glaze does not like getting cold! The finish will get splotchy. 2. Don't put the cookies in air tight containers until the icing has had a chance to set (about 6 hours). Again, the finish will be affected. 3. You can add enough powdered sugar to the icing to make it stiff enough for outlines and details (you'll need it to be the...
I have found that the top of the cookie has a more uniform color than the bottom, with the bottom browning uneven. Since I use glace, it is far more important to me to have a uniform color base on which to decorate than a perfectly flat surface. Any "bubble" problems can be flattened out while the cookie is still warm. I hadn't considered the stacking aspect when decorating the bottoms. That is a good point to consider.
Many decorators decorate the bottom side of the cookie. As far as I know, there's no rule that says you can't! Go with what works best for you.
I'm cringing just thinking about the amount of frosting needed for 2,000 cookies! Making it would probably be cheaper than buying it, but the time investment would be significant. Going the route of having the icing in bowls and using knives would seem to be the best choice.  Then just buy some colored sugars and sprinkles and let the kids use those to add interest to their cookie. Wow. 2,0000. Yikes!
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