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Glaze does not like to get cold! I would not freeze decorated cookies iced in glaze, as the finish has a high probability of getting splotchy.
I'm a s-l-o-w decorator. I seem to gravitate towards designs that require a lot of detail, so I spend a lot of time outlining. I use 4 to 5 cookies an hour as my guideline when trying to figure how long an order is going to take me to do. I wish I had more time to devote to decorating, but my "real" job doesn't allow that to happen!
I've never had a problem with bleeding when working with wet-on-wet icing. Maybe because all the icing is wet??? I've only had problems when I pipe a dark icing next to a dry light color icing. Wet icing seems to like to leach into dry icing, I've found.
Love seeing all the pretty boxes and packaging ideas! The only cookies I sent out this year were chocolate covered Oreos. They fit perfect in a cupcake liner and then I put them into $1 cookie tins from The Dollar Tree. The relatives loved them.
Yes, the cookie in the lower right photo is done exactly as you thought. Straight green lines piped left to right while the white icing is still wet and then drag a toothpick up thru the lines and then down, and then repeat. The straight lines and plaid can be piped, but these look like they were done with a marker. It's a very pretty wreath!
The most important thing is that you are happy with the price you got. For me, where I live, I'm lucky to get $2 for a decorated cookie! And even then, my cookies are referred to as "those expensive cookies". Sigh.
I like to use my sheet pans with lids. The NordicWare lids also work on the half sheet pans I bought at Sam's, so I stocked up on just the lids a couple years ago. Prices have jumped so I'm glad I did! Do some searching to find the cheapest prices.
Is this true of the sprays as well? I don't use any of the above-mentioned products, but I've been tempted! They don't even sell the silver and gold dragees at the hobby store by my house because of edibility concerns.
Yes, that's it! I cut off the bottom 3 points. You could use a round cutter or a flower cutter if you want..I just liked the sunflower best for doing the turkey feathers. I also use it to make peacocks, so you can at least get multiple uses out of the cutter.
Duplicates don't bother me too much. I use them as an excuse to swap for other cutters with other decorators! Also, you can always turn them into gifts. Place the cutter on waxed paper, pour in some melted chocolate and then add some sprinkles (coordinate with different holidays, if you want). When the chocolate is set, place in a plastic baggie and tie with a pretty ribbon. (I love finding ways to share chocolate!)
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