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Hi,i have a friend in snohomish that is looking for someone to do her daughter's bday cake. please let me know if you are in her area. thanks
found the recipes. phew
so i was so excited to find this post and would love to make these but none of the recipe links work care to share an amazing recipe that would work in this combination??!!
our pastor's wife is having a birthday this week so we are having a brunch in sunday school on sunday (9:30 am) i'd like to do a cake but was wondering if anyone has a fabulous recipe for something that is more breakfast friendly. and what kind of icing would be good on it??thank you for your help
so i have started a new diet ... actually more of a different mindset on how i eat/live. anyway since i do cakes and cupcakes i would really love to know what i can use to substitute different ingredients in a recipe to make them low calorie and healthier. if you have an amazing recipe or tips, please share. thank you
so my friend asked me to do her son's birthday avatar cake. i saw the movie tonight and thought it would be fabulous to do a jungle type scene on the cake with the glowing flowers and maybe the tree on top that has the glowing leaves hanging.any thoughts? has anyone made glow in the dark icing before and had good success?thank youshelley
input please!!!!has anyone tried this? i have to make them tonight
i am making sugar cookies in the shape of icecream cones for my dd bake sale. was wondering if i could add jello crystals to the glaze for flavor and color??
i know how you feel, my husband hates the taste of fondant and doesn't want it anywhere near a cake i do for him. so i don't do fondant for his cakes even though i prefer working with it. i agree with the fondant accents idea =) can get the same kind of look but the cake is still covered in bc
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