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I use Sam's buttercream all the time.  I've had no issues covering with fondant.  It tastes descent.  It isn't too greasy and it crusts really well.
My thoughts were the same as Smallfrye.  To keep the weight minimal I would use styrofoam for at least part of the tornado.  You can buy cone shaped styro at Wal Mart or any craft store.  I love the idea of spun sugar too.  Can't wait to see what you come up with !
If you go to Wilton's site you can access patterns from any of their yearbooks.  On the main page go to "Learn" and then on the drop down screen under "Decorating" you'll see a tab for patterns.
Anyone ?  
I generally freeze my cakes after baking for easier carving and crumb coating.  I need to decorate a cake on Thursday for Monday because I am going out of town for the weekend.  Can I freeze the cake, carve, decorate & refreeze ?  or will refreezing hurt the integrity of the cake ?  I would really appreciate any advice or experiences ya'll have with this.  Thanks in advance !
I have a quick question about freezing a decorated cake...  I generally freeze my cakes to make them easier to carve, I have a scheduling conflict and need to carve a cake, decorate & then refreeze.  Is that possible or will it hurt the cake to refreeze ?
I live in a small town and I swear every other person is in the "cake business".  People think because they've taken a couple of Wilton classes at Michaels or because they have mastered the star tip, that they are ready to sell cakes.  They do it as a "side" business and they kill the market and destroy the integrity of the business because they promise cakes they can't deliver.  I recently was contacted by a bride looking for a 4 tiered cake for 225+ people.  It was all...
Go to galleries home and over to the side is a tab to upload photos or all of your photos.  Just click it.
I was just thinking the same thing.  There is like 1 post and then 20 spam ads, then another post and 15 more spam ads.  It is ridiculous !
I am not a fan of the "naked" wedding cake.
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