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How to I add the picture. I am on a ipad
I made this tonight. It is drying. I ruffled the petals but they did not ruffle well at all. I rolled it to a 6 on the pasta machine. I used Wilton gumpaste . That is what is available to me. What do you think? [Edit Post]
I could not get it to let me post
Can you tell me what kind of flower this is?
Yes that's the one. Yes I have watched it numerous times.
I have a question about my experience with this cake. I do this as a hobby for friends. I took this cake to the place where the party was. I was embarrassed when I left. I hope I can explain this right so I can get some help. I used Sharon's recipe. Except used Crisco. Got a pretty smooth icing. When I got it out in natural light it was real off white. Not as smooth as I would have liked. Every flaw showed. Even some chocolate cake showed through. Just barely. When I...
Thank you.
Someone recently posted a new tutorial on this technique. Now I cannot find it. It was a new one just a few days ago. What happened to it?
I use to use Crisco all the time. I think I will just use it and get use to using it again.
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