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I think wilton is fine.
Good thought
I am going to attempt my first fondant covered cake. If it does not work out I can do buttercream. Here is my problem. I have a island counter top that is 21 yrs. old. It is tile with front in between. When I roll it on the "The Mat" it leaves marks from the tile squares. My dining room table is pretty smooth but it has two fine line from the leafs. Any ideas what to use under my mat that would be big enough to prevent the lines?
How to I add the picture. I am on a ipad
I made this tonight. It is drying. I ruffled the petals but they did not ruffle well at all. I rolled it to a 6 on the pasta machine. I used Wilton gumpaste . That is what is available to me. What do you think? [Edit Post]
I could not get it to let me post
Can you tell me what kind of flower this is?
Yes that's the one. Yes I have watched it numerous times.
I have a question about my experience with this cake. I do this as a hobby for friends. I took this cake to the place where the party was. I was embarrassed when I left. I hope I can explain this right so I can get some help. I used Sharon's recipe. Except used Crisco. Got a pretty smooth icing. When I got it out in natural light it was real off white. Not as smooth as I would have liked. Every flaw showed. Even some chocolate cake showed through. Just barely. When I...
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