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I just got my first ever kitchenaid mixer yesterday and I am wondering is it possible to fit a larger bowl on the 4.5 qt model?
This thread has had me in stitches...So I thought I'd add to the list...My husbands psychiatrist's name is Dr. Fearnot. I always chuckle when I say it. A good friend of mine once knew a lady named Ophelia Legg.My mom once had a fender bender with a lady named... Lucy Green CabbagestalkAt the auto repair shop where my hubby used to work, they had a sign that read....You don't take your bacon and eggs to the diner to have them cooked, and we don't install parts that we don't...
A while back someone asked how to put a watermark on their photos. If you go to they are giving away free software to do that. But it's only for today. So be quick. Thought you guys might like that.
I'm in Henderson, NC. Just so I don't get my house slimed in crisco, I already have plans to be at Emerald Isle for a girls weekend out. Otherwise I'd love to join you guys. Sounds like fun. Maybe next time.
I'm also from NC and yes those cakes are very popular around here. I've never done one myself, but my great aunt does them and she uses the knife technique and slices the layers herself. She uses a cooked chocolate frosting. And it is delicious!!!!!
I tried the cherry koolaid and I did not like the taste. As for color, it was awesome, but the taste was less than disirable.
I have always used this method and it works for me. Make a printed copy of the image (coloring page...) tape it to a thin piece of cardboard (like a piece cut from a gift box) then tape a piece of wax paper over it. Trace it with a ballpoint pen. This puts an indention on the waxed paper. then carefully lay the wax paper on your crusted buttercream covered cake. Lightly rub the indentions to press them onto the cake. You then have an outline to trace and fill in. Hope...
I was also thinking something like Colleen's Country Confections. I really like that idea of using the monogram cCc with flowers. Sound really county-ish.
I had this same problem when adding liquid coffee creamer. Still can't figure out why it happened. the only difference was the creamer. Would that cause it to take longer to cook?
OK, I've never tried mmf but I am so curious to try it. This might sound like a really dumb question to those of you who do this all the time, but it's kinda got me puzzled. How do you attach the mmf decorations to the mmf covered cake?
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