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Wouldn't apple sauce work too?
OK, let me wipe the drool from my chin. That sounds SO divine! I'm hoping you share your recipe with us chocolate lovers.
Vickymacd, thanks for bringing that to my attention. It must be like so many magazines...they send you a notice in the mail 3 months before your subscription is even needing to be renewed.
Thanks everyone. Maybe I'll just go in and see if I can get a 1 day pass and check it out.
I'm considering getting a Costco membership. I already shop at Super Walmart, Aldi & a local grocery store so the thought of stopping at one more place doesn't excite me. However, many people I know say that Costco is so much cheaper than other stores but they also say you have to know your prices. So I'm curious what are some items that are hands down cheaper there than any where else? (I'm not just referring to baking items.)Thanks for your help!
Thanks for your reply. Yes, that's exactly what happened to my current blender. The plastic teeth have been stripped. Anyone else have any suggestions?
My blender recently died and I'm wanting to get a good one. I'm wanting it to be good enough to crush ice and also good enough to not have to rock back and forth to try to get it to blend...if you know what I mean. Does anyone have any suggestions? I did find one on CL for $25 but it's only holds 5 cups...would that be big enough?
I would love to know how everyone transports these as well? I made one the other night (just for practice) and it was so top heavy. Any tips would be appreciated.
CakeMommy3, I just whipped up a batch of that chocolate is fantastic! My family really liked it as well. That in itself is huge because I can't find a white BC that my family likes to save the life of me. They always say..."it's too sweet". Hello, it's frosting, it's supposed to be sweet! Anyways, I'm glad I came across this thread.
I love any & all ideas...whether it's all made from scratch or with a pre-made candy bar. So I personally would love for you to share your ideas or pics of your ideas.
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