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I am selling my cake business, Whole Lotta Sugar. Iam in the Charlotte, NC  area. If anyone is interested in learning more please email me. My website is It continues to grow every year and it has gotten to the point where I need to put up or shut up. Priorities have changed in my life and it is growing so well that I don't want to just let it die. I would love to see it go to the next level with someone who has the passion I do.   I...
I have been in the cake business for 8 years and I am thinking about selling my cake ball/whoopie pie business. I have a great website and logo that is very visible in my area. Plus I have my customer list and all my own recipes, equipment, supplies etc.   I just don't know if anyone would be interested  or what a fair price would be?   I would value and appreciate your thoughts.
Thank you beachcakes!That is just the color I am looking for!!!!
I make my frosting with all shortening, no butter. And I am looking for a taupe like cream vs. the yellow cream color.It is a fall themed cake with fall flowers so they want the white to be toned down, not the stark white you get with shortening frosting.Am I making sense?
Hey all ya'll cake divas,I have a quick question about tinting frosting. I have someone that wants a vanilla buttercream frosted cake but instead of the bright white color, they want a soft cream. How do I achieve this?Thank you for your help.
Hi Ya'll!I'm sure it is posted somewhere but I can't find it anywhere?I wanted to know if someone could please tell me how to do the chocolate wrap around a cake. I really like the ones that look like lattice or zig zags.I can't seem to "wrap" my head around how to do it by myself.Thanx, in advance, for any knowledge you can give me!!!
Hi,I've done a jungle cake recently. Not King Kong themed, but it might give you some ideas. Check it out.Kelly
I charge $2 a cupcake as well. So I think you are on the mark with that. I would love to see them when they are done!!
I think both are a great idea. Who makes those decisions? Let's get it rockin'.
Hi kate,I used tip 96 and just did a circle of swirls and worked inwards. I liked it better than the usual swirl. I am always trying to add something fresh to cupcakes.Thanx for the compliment
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