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Where can I find this entire pdf document to download? Thanks, Christine
Thanks Annabakescakes. I did what you said about using a box and it worked perfectly! Thanks!  
Hi, I really don't know what to do. I finished making my son's birthday cake (cupcake cake), however it's really long (28 inches) and I don't have a box that big to protect it in the car - we're having the party at a place about 45 minutes away. How can I cover it and protect it during that time? Thanks, Christine
I need to freeze some cupcakes and I was going to bake them in the silicone liners. Are they okay to be frozen?   Thanks, Christine
Is it alright to do this? This is the first time I'll be making a chocolate transfer (candy melts) for the top part of a cake bigger than an 8 inch round (I'm going to be doing a 9x13 or larger) but I'm worried about it melting or cracking since I'm making it ahead of time.Is it okay to make it 10 days ahead of when I'll use it? If it is okay - should I store in the fridge or just in an airtight container? If anyone has any tips on how I can put it on the top of the cake...
If I'm planning on piping grass (like around a pond), do I use medium or thin consistency icing when using the grass tip?Thanks,Christine
Ack! I've baked two butter cakes now and both have stuck in the pan!!! What's up with that? I use homemade cake release and I've NEVER had a problem with cakes sticking EVER. Now, right when it's most important (my son's first birthday), the cakes are sticking. The first one came out a complete mess. The 2nd one was better, but the bottom still stuck in the pan. I'm hoping it's salvageable because I don't think I have time to bake another one. Plus, the cake sank in the...
I had a cake disaster today and I basically had to scrap it and bake a new cake. I'd like to use the scraps to make cake balls but I don't want to dip them in chocolate. Can I just mix the scraps with buttercream icing? Will they still adhere like a ball? I was thinking I could mix the scraps with buttercream, freeze them, and then whenever I wanted cake with icing, I'd have it. The chocolate kind of ruins it for me (just my personal perference - nothing against chocolate...
Thanks you guys!
If I'm going to be icing the cake in green, do I need to crumb coat with green icing as well? Or can I crumb coat in white? Thanks,Christine
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