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I just bought this book last week.... I bought it through AMAZON.CO.UK..... and it also arrived very quickly.Persevere though, because it is truly beautiful!!!
I also really miss the old way of seeing all the photos, favourites.. new photos etc on the opening page of CC.....I just thought this new format was temporary.......
I used to always bake my mudcakes in the convection oven..... and I noted for the larger cakes.. they would often be too cooked on the outside.. or worse still burnt around the edges..... while I waited for the middle to cook. I now always bake without the convection/ fan forced oven bit on.... and although they may take longer, they at least bake evenly, and I don't have to worry about burnt bits on the outside anymore.I also use a flower nail in the middle of the cakes...
I agree with everyone! It's a bit like fashion design..... nothing is really new... just recycled or updated. I love it when someone asks me for advice.. and I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't recieved help from others willing to share!!!
I live in the land of try and get a better price.... Italy.... where everything is haggled.... although usually they are pretty good about paying for cakes.... I used to make jewellery.. and they would tell me what they wanted to pay!!!!! Recently though.. I had a dream client.. who once she asked what a type of cake would cost... she said.. well my budget is..... AND IT WAS DOUBLE what I had said!!! I would love every client to be like that!!! LOL
Toni and Pat!Having a ball! Toni, my hostess, and her family are all so so nice! My hubby arrived yesterday and we are having a short vacation before heading home next week. What a wonderful experience this has been, thanks to Toni! I can hardly believe I'm here.....You both are so sweet to say those nice things!(((hugs)))Jen
Hi Lorrie!I really think that is it.... I hear that difference consistency thing all the time. Best wishes with your roses, I'm sure they are beautiful!!Jennifer
Ciao!!! I am sitting exhausted after finishing today a 2 day berry & blossom class with Jennifer Dontz!!! WOW.. such a great experience!!!When I first emailed Jennifer.... maybe a year ago.. I queried whether her 'travelling sugar teacher' status... meant she would also travel to Europe??? I was sort of joking.. because I thought there was no way she would come here.... I still can't believe it all came to fruition... I had spoken to Jennifer on the phone... and knew...
Ahhh yes,.... husbands!! They love it of course when you bring home 'the money'.... BUT just don't inconvenience them for it... and you know yours isn't a real job.. to them I think it will always be ahpbby. My husband brags about me to everyone... BUT... Sweetlayers... I think they all just need to be the centre of attention ocasionally!!!
I have also loved watching my new DVD's from Jennifer!!! AND I also feel I really really need that HUGE claygun!!! I loved watching someone else work with fondant... as I have never had lessons.. so picked up loads of little tricks! Thanks Jennifer!!!I am very lucky & very excited because Jennifer is coming here to do a class in September.... Anyone fancy a Tuscan sugar break????? (Sept 10 & 11)... closest airport PISA!!!
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