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No worries!! I read through... You are FINE!!
I just noticed this and I hope that I am not the idiot for the year.... BUT, what is the website you guys are responding to? I think I may have missed something. DUH...
Hey Monkess- Thanks for the post! Great web site. I would love to try it. Where did you buy it??
ALVARGA's pricing is right on. And I agree with indydebi, don't go to Wally World for your pricing... Good luck!!
What a nice idea for a party!! Your cake is awesome! Great job!
I personaly don't like fondant. But it happens to be all I use. My kids eat it like it's goin' out of style! I did have a client that said she loves findant and only wants fondant cakes. I think it is hit or miss, love or hate!
Way to go. Sometimes, saying what you want CAN be a good thing. It surely didn't stop her from being obnoxious!
I bake in 2" pans. I didn't really care for the 3" either. The same as kimberlina25. At least I know with 2- 2" pans, it will come out right.
Absolutely beautiful and unique. Thanks for sharing!!
Very, very cute!! Great job!
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