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Yes, that is an excellent idea!
Is it just me, or is it seriously time to bring back the cake competitions?  I thought the cupcake shows would be short-lived and cake competitions would come back pretty quickly but that doesn't seem to be the case (sigh).  Miss them!
Which icing recipe are you using?  That blog link that was posted wouldn't let me log in, it said I had to be a member (?).  Thanks in advance!
I think it's stunning.  Great job!!!!
Oh, thank you so much!!  I was wondering if you could mold directly from it and didn't know if the fact that it's not silicone was a problem.  So I can use the pan as a mold and it pops out from what you are saying. Great! Thanks so much for your time and help~ 
I'm planning to do a giant cupcake cake with the Wilton pan in the near future but have realized that I don't know what to do with the bottom part of that cake.  I was thinking about making it would I achieve that? Advice on decorating the bottom of that cake is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!
It's stunning, you did an excellent job!
You should be proud, they are gorgeous!
What's up with 'negotiating' the price??  You calculate the cost of what he wants, and he chooses to purchase it or not.  Done! 
Wow, it's a stunning cake. Let us know if you figure out. Looks like fondant strips to me, too!
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