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How do I find the templates for the bed on this website?
thanks and I am going to give it a try...too cute.
well that was soooo helpful...I appreciate does not like fondant so cannot cover cake in fondant (to look like floor)...I did want to do the bed and get some small figures to put on cake...also saw the toy box someone made and have to figure that one out as well. I do thank you for your kindness and guidance and will give it my best...Happy Holidays! Pat
What were the beds made out of....was there a pattern for the headboard/footboard and is it gumpaste...what did you do to make the letters? Pretty much trying from square one to duplicate a both pics.
where do I begin???? Theme for joint 1st and second birthday (brother/sister) will be Toy the pics that include a bed...because I will be expected to do a sheet cake...any guidance will be helpful and I appreciate it. Pat
for allyour experts that have made, or know how to make, the Toy Story bed used in a lot of cake photos in gallery, I would love to do it...can any guide me...I need to put this together for a January birthday and thanks. Pat
I do appreciate your kindness Coral3.
Ouch! it is not scrapbooking glitter I am using....why would you say that? I have been doing candy for at least 10 years now...I purchased it next to the lustre dust we all use on our cakes/cookies....they had done a chocolate poinsetta sucker and used it on the sucker...sorry...and thanks for the input. Pat in OHIO
I adore the look sprinkled on it safe to eat. I have read so many article it has my head spinning...says you hve to eat 42 containers to get sick? I am using it for a children's candy class and just want to be sure?
got mine from Martella but they were a big pain the - to make. I would never do them again.
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