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That is how I have heard of it done before. I am planning on trying to put a small amount in a little squirt bottle to see if I can make it have a thinning effect. I don't really want the full brushed look for what I am going for, but I also don't want to spend the money on airbrushing supplies. But, yes, the vodka and the brush is how I have seen it done before.
This is my first post, so here it goes. I am going to be in charge of our annual cake auction for the Humane Society this year. Who would have thought animals and baked goods mix so well! Well, the year before last we had a really good year, but last year it got combined with another event and did not do so well. I am brainstorming about ways to make it fabulous! I am so worried about failing. If anyone has any ideas out there, please send them my way. I am already...
I am getting ready to play with this method, but I heard a couple of weeks ago from Duff on Ace of Cakes that he mixes the dust with Vodka. He said it would dry quickly. I think you are supposed to add just enough to the dust to make it fluid enough to brush it on. That part I need to play with, I hope it works well. I am planning on using it on an upcoming 50th anniversary cake.
I make roses using the Wilton buttercream recipe containing the meringue powder. You want the consistency of the icing to be stiff. After they set out to dry a little bit, I freeze them before I place them on the cake to make them a little more durable with handling. I have never had a problem with the petals drooping following this method. However, the royal icing flowers are another story. I never seem to get them stiff enough. Hope this helps!
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