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I think you have too much liquid. Probably only needed about half of what you used. Not sure if you can fix it, hopefully someone can come along and help you with that.
I have to say, whenever I make my kids birthday cakes, they always stick them full of for each year...isn't that how it's typically done?! 1 candle for each year?! It has never bothered me to see my cakes with candles in them...the candles go in as we are getting ready to sing Happy Birthday, and after we sign we cut the cake, so it doesn't really matter to me. That's just my thought
You can use your buttercream recipe, but use less powdered sugar (I cut mine in half) and no liquid. HTH.
TheSweetTreat wroteAgree and BTW, once upon a time I was a manager at the mall..and made a decent salary
As many times as I have read through this thread, and as many times as I have looked at the pictures, I canNOT see a bird
I always use the NFSC recipe and if you cut back on the baking powder (i use 1 tsp) you should be fine. And this cookie is so versatile in that you can add any number of extracts/flavors and have the cookies as you like.
I think if you are willing to give up time with your family (that's up to you to decide) that it is perfectly acceptable to add an up-charge.
I use DH mixes all the time and never have a problem getting them out of the pan. I use shortening in my pans, let them cool for about half hour and take them out. Don't even usually need to take a knife along the side.
cakesrocks....those cookies are cute!!!We were thinking owls, too. "OWL" always love youAnd we say a valentine with a box of crayons...."Valentine you color my world" thought you could make crayon cookies, or little paint cookies, too.Cute cute. I think we are going with monster trucks, crayons, and monkeys here....
I am feeling that way myself right now. I will still take orders if they come because I'm a single mom who needs to take them, but I'm not feeling it so much anymore. I live in a small town where people don't want to pay what it's worth. I work two other jobs plus clean our church for kids school tuition...I'm tired and cakes and cookies are losing their appeal. I don't really push my business anymore. God provides what we need when we need it. It sounds like He has...
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