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I made a PS3 launch cake for Netflix. I used a half sheet pan for the cakes and carved it. The controller was made of rice crispy treats. I covered the shape with melted chocolate and then fondant,
I use the 1-2-3 SMBC recipe from youtube. Works wonderfully and spreads very nicely.
I've done this on my PS3 cake in my gallery. I rolled out a thin piece of gum paste and mounted the image on it. I then put it on the black fondant. Held up just fine and the black did not bleed on the image. I'm sure it would have bled had I not done that. HTH
Completely self taught from websites such as these. Wanted to take classes but that hasn't happened so far.
I tried a chocolate mud cake recipe for the first time in my life. It turned out exactly as described and was a pleasure to carve. tasted just horrible in my opinion. The texture is kind of slimy but firm and overly heavy and rich.Almost like a firm pudding. I am used to the usual cake texture and this is nothing like it. Is it really supposed to be like this? I have nothing else to compare it to so I would really appreciate your opinions on what a good mud cake...
I agree with the crisco part. I always mix my fondant/gumpaste with a little crisco and knead it really well. Then allow it to rest for a few minutes, until it firms up a little and gets easier to work with. It'll look shiny and smooth.
I always and I do mean always sketch my cake. I need to sketch an accurate sketch so I can get an idea of scale and visualize all the details in my cakes. I almost never color them though. Just use my pencil.
Cake muggles!! lol
I thought Satin Ice was expensive...until I saw duff fondant in Michaels. Now Satin ice seems like such a bargain 8$ cake mix? Let's not even go there
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