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I made my very first one about a month or so ago.  I used the half ball pan and the mini ball pan. I ended up adding a little to the mini ball pan in order to get the height that I was looking for in comparison to the half ball pan and I think it turned out pretty well. I put everything on top of a half sheet in order to get the servings that I needed for the shower.
I agree with everything that has been posted here and especially CakeGeekUK's (I put it in bold) line above. Do not let yourself get to that point. It is very hard to bounce back from. And do not be afraid to say "No."
Those are AMAZING!  Great work!
I will have to check my local Hobby Lobby. That is great news!  Thanks!
I have just recently started logging back into CC and haven't posted any new cake pics in a very long time, but I saw this thread and had to contribute. This was my very first attempt at a Topsy Turvy cake. I made it for the daughter of a good friend of mine many years ago.. Her only requirements were, that it had to be topsy turvy and it had to be covered in candy. It didn't have as much candy on it when I delivered it, so we added more until she was satisfied. I cringe...
 I agree with this 100%. Very well said.
I see the pictures, but I think I missed something. What was the question?
I apologize, I just saw this.  Yes please! That would be great!  Thank you!
I have had great results using Ivory and just a touch of soft pink as well.
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