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I to use Jet Puffed, they seem much whiter than other brands.
Shepsit, well I can say that I was 100% wrong. I tried to emboss and paint. Unless a person has a super steady hand it just did not work and acheive the look you wanted. The colors did not turn out solid either. So it did not look anything like the cookies you are trying to do. Sorry for the mis-information.
Wow those are great looking cookies. I still think that they are embossed, but I am not sure. I am going to try it, I dont have letters but I will try with flowers. Sorry I could not help. I did not mean to suggest you need practise. Just to try different pressures until you get the look you want.
Try mixing it with fondant. That is what I do and I love it.
Practice pressing the letters into the fondant that is going onto the cookie. Until you get the right pressure.
It looks to me as if they embossed the cookie. What I mean is cut out the circle of fondant the same size as the cookie, put it onto the cookie, then press the letters into the fondant but not all the way through. Then paint the color on with food color or powder.
I love this tool! But be very carefull! Super sharp blades, I cut myself pretty good with it. But, I do agree it is one the best tools out there for caking.
Hmmm, I wonder what my exacto blades are made of?
I have a little cricut, it was given to me as a gift. There is no way I would have purchased one even before all of this news. As a consumer I found other choices out there that would do just as well. I don't want to be held hostage by PC. when it is just not neccesary. Did you notice the add to the left by Global, Blow out prices! I checked it, the price is 399.
I believe the craft robo has a deep cut blade included with it. At least the one I read about did.
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