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On this same note. If I need 50 servings for a sheet cake, would size would you recommend? Wilton's serving chart say the 9x13 (I think) is 50 servings (doubled of course), but sometimes I don't trust their serving size pieces...especially when I'm not the one that's going to be serving it. Should I go ahead and make 2 layers of the 11x15??
Thank you, thank you....lately every question or suggestion I post NOBODY has responded....gets discouraging. Thanks again, can't wait to,try it!
I have been asked to do a graduation cake as a sheet cake and they want buttercream. I have always done fondant cakes and used buttercream under it, but I'm afraid it's not stiff enough to hold up to piping. Can anyone please share their go-to, fail proof buttercream recipe??   Thanks in advance!
I understand that. I used to make my own fondant, but too messy and always had inconsistencies. Try Fondx brand. It has me sold and everyone that tries it. It's a marshmallow base...yummy! Worth a try...
I've never fooled with just buttercream . In my opinion, I think fondant is a cleaner look and you have more options for decorating. So I'd vote the fondant ball. I,would def suggest a ball pan. I believe Wilton has a basketball pan. Covering a sphere in fondant can be a little tricky, but you can do it. I put the ball on a cup or something that is small so when you drape the fondant over, you can smooth down as far as you can. As for coloring, I airbrush. Best investment...
Ive always made mine, simply because of taste. Not saying there isn't a store bought that isn't good, but i haven't found one. I sometimes think they're more expensive too. I'm not a professional by any means, just a casual at home baker. But, I have done some trial and errors and know what I like and can count on it.
Are you planning to cover it n fondant or buttercream ?
So I've successfully made several sugar beer bottles in the past. I'm in the planning stages of an upcoming cake and am thinking about any issues I had to make it better. How do I make the bottles and they not be so sticky? I know they're sugar, but seems like mine are immediately sticky. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This cake will be outside, so I know they're gonna sweat a little.
Thank you, were very proud of,him. Well. I've already given it to him and he loved it. So , he just wants to keep it. So I think well try and find a clear display box of some sort to put it,in.
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