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Awesome!  Thanks so much!
Hello All.I'm not working on anything at the moment but should be. I have a dairy free cake due Sunday for a 5th birthday party. Did a dairy free cake 2 yrs. ago but didn't document. Trying to remember how I did the cake. I have the recipe for the frosting which turned out very good.Leah, we have many food trucks in my area. They serve anything from lobster rolls to cupcakes. They are very popular.
ConfectionsCC, can you share the name of your supplier? Thanks.
Which sites do you visit for pre-made icings and fillings? Thanks.
Thanks everyone for your responses. I have an order for cupcakes for a 10 year girl. Her mom wants the #10 on each and would like them "sparkly" if possible. For an example she sent me pictures of the anniversary picks from Wilton. And speaking of Wilton, I didn't find a thing. I will probably have to make them if I can't find anything by this weekend.Thanks again!
Hello CC.I am looking for cupcake picks with the number 10 and I can't seem to find anything. I have searched on Google just about every way possible I do believe. Has anyone had any success finding numbered cupcake picks that were not paper? I'm looking for a smaller/similar version of the ones you can find in your local craft stores for cakes. Thanks in advance for you help!
Thank you SymsChocolates & Cylstrial. I will look on Nashville Wraps again. I did call them looking for something specific as it relates to this packaging but they didn't carry it. I will look at alternatives from them.
Thank you MPlaidgirl2 and Leah_S! Leah_S, do you have the exact same ones I am looking for? I am perusing CK's site now. No luck so far. Are you talking about item #84-22500? I also saw 87-128 but it is for 12 oreos and I'm looking for the 6 cavity.
Thank you Cylstrial. Very creative way for packaging.
Hello All! Does anyone know where I can find the following at wholesale prices and not have to order 500? I would like to purchase the box with the insert for 1 price instead of individually. I know Spinning Leaf sells them but the cavity of the tray is square and I am looking for round. Besides, I had to force my oreos in the tray purchased from them. I have found them on two sites one requiring you to purchase individually and the other is a packaged deal with a...
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