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Depends on how soft the fondant is. If I've just applied the fondant, I normally just stick them in and they stay.Brushing the fondant with vodka works well also, just don't use too much.Piping gel works well also, but be careful you do not apply too much.Water I have found tends to strip the dragees of their color and they slide around too much.Hope this helps.
This is more for gumpaste work... I keep an Exacto knife handy. Especially with stamping letters - I DESPISE rough edges. The exacto knife gives nice clean lines.
I would just hold your head high and refrain from getting into it with her. If you've explained it to that one chef, word will get around. Keep doing what you are doing - sounds like the business is going really well for you! Congrats!
Yes, what a shock to read that! Thought it was a joke at first! Here is to you and your new adventures!!!
I am in Ohio also and run into the same problem. There is another woman in the Akron area who charges $1.50 per serving!! Oh, she adds one more dollar for fondant. Very maddening and frustrating to see someone undercharging like that. (Oh, and cupcakes for $10 a dozen!) Just stick with your prices - I'm sticking with mine! Not letting the competition or customers tell me how much I should make!
I have a birthday cake for two men next week. It's going to be an 8in round. They want the words "Happy Birthday" and the two names on the cake. The colors they want are red, white and blue - due the sports team they love (but don't want sports incorporated). Buttercream, but I can throw fondant accents on there.Any ideas?! Anything I come up with looks to 4th of Julyish!
I had a wedding this past weekend... and when I went to set up the cake, there was an additional vendor setting up dessert! It was a Cupcake company, but still.... they had a little flier out with their name and info on it describing the cupcake flavors. No one from the bridal party was there and the woman setting up the cupcakes was nice enough (we had to share the same table, me being there was news to her as well). I have not spoken with the bride yet and probably...
I've had the typical last minute calls... the most recent. This guy wanted a 3D cake in the shape of a martini glass to feed 40 people (needed it in two days) and only wanted to pay $40 - $50.00 dollars. Also had a call from a woman who could not get any other baker in my area to make her a cake with some Dora character on it "because of copyright issues. Can you do it?". I wanted to laugh. I tried telling her to just buy a little plastic character and I could do the...
I've never actually made them this big - how much do you all normally charge for these? Do they require double the batter? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!
Aw, see now I feel bad!I accidentally called my kid's doctor on his cell phone late at night last week! I have to give him credit - he did call back, making sure everything was ok, since I didn't leave a message!
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