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I tried making a gum paste bow and rolled gum paste roses for my niece's bday cake for Saturday but the gum paste keeps craking. When I rolled it out to make the roses the edge is all cracked not smooth. When I roll out the gum paste for the bow it stays smooth up until I fold the bow over and pinch the end. Then it cracks. I figured the corn starch was drying it out so I added crisco but it's still cracking. Help!!! Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
I am making a cake for a cowroker's baby shower. The shower was suppsed to be 2 weeks ago but his wife went into labor the day before the shower however i had already made the buttercream frosting for the cake. The frosting has been in the fridge in a ziploc tupperware since then. I used the wilton recipe with shortening and merginue powder. Is the frosting still good or do I have to make more?
I need to make a Jungle Theme cake and wanted to know where I can find directions on how to sculpt the little animal to put on the cake.
I have to make cookies for a baby shower. I've used the wilton's royal icing recipe and it tastes ok. However I keep see people's comments on Toba Garrett's Glacé Icing recipe. Which recipe tastes better and which is better to decorate with?
That a great question....i've been wondering the same thing. The other tihing I want to know is do you brush the dust on dry or do u always have to mix it with something and then paint it on.
I haven't tried anything either for that reason I was debating if I should use the book's recipes or just try it the fondant and some gum-tex.....oh well I'll just try and see what happens. Thanks for the info.
I bought this great book called The Essential Guide to Cake Decorating . It have lots of ideas but uses different kinds of paste for different projects. For flowers it says to use flower paste, for figures it says to use modelling paste, etc. I know that sugar paste is fondat. Does that mean all the other stuff is gumpaste?. I wanted to use Fondx to try some of the flowers and stuff but am not sure A. how much gumtex to put in the fondant and B. what exactly are...
Ok here's the story. I've used wilton fondant and it really easy to work with however is tastes grose. A friend of mine tried MMF and said it was easy to work with too BUT was too sweet. So I tried the Cake Bible recipe for fondant. It tastes good BUT what a pain to work with.....either I did something wrong (which is VERY possible) or the recipe stinks. The fondant at first was sticky so i added more powdered sugar. I let it rest for 2 days until I used it...
I am making a collar shirt and tie cakeout of fondant for my Dad's b-day but I can't find the pattern for the tie cut out and the instructions to make the stripes for the tie. Wilton's web site is very vague and it doesn't have the pattern for it. Does anyone have the instructions or pattern ....or know where I can find it? ?!?!?!?
Hi Cute CookieI took my course @Michael's in Staten Island on Richmond Ave. They're not expensive at all but you'll wind up buying all sort of suff... .I know that Patty Cakes in Queens also give classes but I'm not sure what they charge and what classes they give. Hope this helps!!
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