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Sorry if this is a repeat question, but I could not find a recipe on how to make the poured sugar that one would use to make decorative pieces with... The previous posts that I was able to come across that sounded like they might have this answer were lost...Anyone have a recipe? Thanks!
Thank you!! Adorable cake by the way!
Making a grand piano cake for Saturday. I am using an 11x15 and carving it down to the shape of the piano, using a cake board cut to the shape with "feet" for it to stand on. Wanted to have the "lid" of the piano standing up. Was hoping to keep everything "edible" technically. Could use fondant covered foam board if I have to... I made a "lid" out of pastillage, which a couple days of drying it ended up cracking in a few places... not to mention it turned all kinds of...
Thanks so much! Especially for the direction to the youtube video!! That is exactly the help I was looking for! )
Thank you! The powdered sugar idea is a good one!
Was wondering what the general rule is.. when stacking a tiered cake does each individual cake have a "cardboard" cake board under it? If yes then how do you put a dowel through the center... if not, then how do you pick up one to stack on the other once it is decorated? For the couple that I have done I have left the cardboard under the cake.. the problem is though that when I take the tier off then the fondant under it pulls up...Oh, and do you cover the cardboard in...
Thank you!!
My latest cake was an electric guitar and I love how it turned out. I also made a Fenway Park cake that I am pretty happy with. [img][/img]Here's Fenway Park [img][/img]
Thank you so much!! Stella
I have no idea how you do it with buttercream! LOL! I can never get mine smooth... let alone be able to do what you do with it...
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