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ARRRRGGGG. thanks for the advice.
it looks like you're angleing your tip too far out.Wilton roses right ? Check your chart in practice sheets. Right hand Wilton rose. Check your angle on row 2 and 3. Also yes a little more crisco and maybe use milk instead of water for the roses. Good luck
If you can't afford Agbay, Wilton have a large leveller. The key to the Wilton one is that you have to saw through the cake.
Please help !! We delivered a wedding cake, and when we opened the box, The ENTIRE THING HAD COLLAPSED !!!! OMG, in 12 years I've NEVER had that big of a Disaster !!!! SO,with the help of the banquet manager, we salvaged what we could which was just about half of the bottom tier. If done well, the photograper could get a photo with the couple cutting the cake. We then went out to the nearest grocery store and bought just as many sheet cakes as they had,. enough to serve...
Though I use unsalted butter, I've found that my clients prefer a slightly sweeter version. I've been mixing the two for years now. It's a great idea.
Does any one know what size Starbucks mini cupcake liners are ? I found a source that has many, many different size liners available but I cant figure our which one they use. Their mini's are a perfect 2/3 bite treat and I have measured the liners but cant seem to find the right size.
Wilton has a product called Glycerin. It's right by the flavorings in a clear bottle. poor a little into the color and stir.
You can buy it at Whole Foods
oh sorry Hamsquad, my bad, I must have gotten all the dowels, lol.I love the Pro pans with the square sides too. Got another set this time. hmmm no wonder I went wayyy over budget.
hmmm, I've been using the highlighter for years, haven't killed anybody yet, I don't think. I sincerly, never knew there was any difference other than the color of the highlighter being much brighter. Though, I think the high... must be 24kt so is consumable. I'd be interested to read others responses.
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