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CONGRATULATIOS!!!!!!!!!!! Natalie, I am soooo PLEASED for you , we all knew you would win, you did an absolutely fantastic job, you have an amazing talent!!!!
Thanks Jane, I think its best in the bin cos of the cream, I will make some more soon with a recipe without cream to get a bit of a longer shelf life, and freeze some too
I never thought of putting it in freezer CarolAnn, I will do that next time I make it....Thanks,your right about the home made thing, you cant beat it, it was my first time making lemon curd and it was delcious
Thanks Jane & Gefion, I've kept in fridge, but this recipe had fresh cream in (not sure if they all do lol) it's first time I've made it, did yours have fresh cream in Jane? I was thinking on the same lines as wysmommy and thought the acidity might lengthen shelf life, and as yours was ok Jane after 2 weeks It may be ok, it's for family so I wont be poisoning any members of public LOL
Thanks for that wysmommy, much apreciated, I made it about 10 days ago so I think I will throw it away, to be on safe side, thanks again
Hi, does anyone know how long I can keep home made lemon curd in the fridge, thanks
Iv'e just recieved Pm from her she's not sure on how to do a tutorial and I'm afraid I cant help her out on this, wish I could but I have never done one, like Janette said she seems a little shy, she's lovely so I would like to appeal to all the ladies on here (Natti, aine2 etc) that have done great tutorials to maybe give ruty some tips on how to go about it.... I think ruty is going to go far with her cakes, I wish her all the best for a great successful future in cake...
I have just PMed her asking her if she could....I for one would even pay for a tutorial on cocoa painting from her
Me too......I'm in AWE of this cake
Claudine1976.... your yorkie cake is ABSSOLUTELY ADORABLE...I love it!!!!!
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