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I always make my cakes ahead of time and they are always fresh. For a saturday cake I would bake on Thurs, decorate on Friday, and deliver on Saturday. The buttercream keeps them fresh. That way you don't have to rush. You could even move everything back one more day and the cake would still be fine, because the buttercream seals in the freshness.
I experimented with my buttercream for the fun of it one day. I made 2 different batches of buttercream. I used generic powder sugar, and then Dominos 10X sifted powder sugar. Tasted them both, and the generic definitely had a grainey taste, whereas the one made with Dominos tasted smooth and creamy.
Thanks so much, everyone, for the great advice! I feel much more confident now. I will definitely be using the hollow plastic dowels instead of the wooden dowels. Well, I might use the wooden dowels just to support the top tier, but that's all. Thanks again!
Never heard of it. Just did a search. So is this a plate you use to stack your tiers instead of a cardboard? And use the hidden pillars cut to fit? I a doing a 4 tier square stacked cake and don't want any space between my tiers. I would love some details on this method of stacking. Thanks!
I just talked to a lady who gave me some great advice - my tiers are 6, 8, 10 and 12, and she said to use hidden pillars in the 12 inch bottom tier for added stability.
I am making a stacked 4 tier cake for the first time. I have only stacked 2 tiers before. Anyway, I will be using regular wooden dowels and boxed cake mix. I have always used boxed cake mixes without any problems. My husband says this kind of cake is too light and airy. Will box mixes be okay for stacking a 4 tier? Will the wooden dowels be enough support? Also, do you put anything in between the tiers to keep the icing from sticking to the card board above it? I did...
I spray my pan w/ nonstick spray, line the bottom w/ wax paper, and then level before flipping over. Also, I always use an 11 X 15 pan, and I made my own cardboard divider (which I cover with plastic wrap every time I use it, so I can re-use it), and I put a whole cake mix on each side of the divider. Usually I make vanilla/chocolate. But the last time I got a request for strawberry/chocolate. They always turn out great, and I have never had a cake break on me. hth
Hi there! I made a castle cake (you can see in my pics). I did a 10" square, with a 6" round stacked on top. I used cardboard for the turrets, but I like the rice crispie idea also. I iced them in buttercream and I bought a brick mold (pattern press), and rolled them on it once the butter cream crusted. I used the mold on the sides of the 10" and 6" as well. I notched out the corners of the 10" square so the turrets would sit against the corners, and used ice cream...
I just saw Snow White made of gumpaste, but then read things that said gumpaste actually tastes disgusting. So was Snow White just made for show?
A lot of my cakes don't get a lot of comments either, but I've noticed that the ones that do get comments and favorited are the ones that are simple, and something that they might be interested in re-creating, or used for inspiration. I made a graduation cake that was a very simple design that many people saved to their favorites, and I think people liked it because it was simple. The cakes that I spent the most time on did not seem to get much attention. Don't let it...
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