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Is anyone else having trouble with the "my favorite photos", "my photos" or galleries' pages? I am trying to look through the pages and everytime I click on a new page, it brings up the exact same first page... Is it just me???
Thanks! I am planning on using milk choc ganache... I'm nervous!
Just wondering... can you pipe with chocolate ganache? If so, would I just use less cream to make it a little more of a thicker consistency?
Can anyone tell me some tips on how to make fondant leaves look realistic? I have leaf cutters, but I do not have an airbrush. Is it still possible to make them look somewhat realistic without one??? Most of the ones I have seen on CC say they were airbrushed. Thanks!!! was a first for me, so there are some flaws, but overall, I was pleased with it.For a convertible, I would do the same sheet cake set up, and carve out the inside of my cake, or just piece your cake together in sections (that's what I had to do to my truck to get the bride and groom in the cab). The windshield can be made of fondant. Did this even make sense?
I've done one car cake, well, it was a Ford F150. Just an idea... to give the car the visual effect of "riding on the wheels", I laid my actual cake board on top of a piece of styrofoam that was hot glued down to the actual cake base. The styrofoam was about 2 inches thinner all the way around than the cake board. The cake board was made to look like it was part of the bumper of the truck. Check out my pics if you want to see it... Good luck!
Gotta try one of these! Maybe eat one too!! I hashing in my head what other kind of candy bars might make a nice "barrel" effect on the outside... yummy
Thanks, All! Guess I'm heading to Michael's to make yet another purchase!
I immediately thought about the verse "Let the children come to me". I love Michelle104's idea!!! You could even draw a hand (the hand of Jesus) holding a little tiny hand with this verse on a large sheet cake...(?) A BCT or something? Just an idea. (If you didn't want to do the figures. )
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