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Cool cake! I agree with everyone else... NO REFUND! You did exactly what you were asked to do. If she isn't happy, she doesn't have to order another one from you. It doesn't sound like she is the kind of client you would want to have anyway... I am an easy going person, people pleaser-to some extent, but c'mon!
What is the trick to getting RKT really smooth? I'm doing a teapot out of RKT, and will be covering in MMF. I would prefer not to have a lumpy teapot. Thanks
Serenatea, I live in a new subdivision right off of Argo-Margaret Rd. My husband and I and our 2 1/2 year old have lived here for 3 years and LOVE it! SMALL WORLD!!!
Oh, FIDDLESTICKS! I just did a fall themed cake for a bible study group Thursday. I would have loved to enter it, but I've already posted under my galleries. POOH! Maybe next time....
My husband has family living in Pelham and Calera. They seem to be wonderful towns. They have really grown over the last few years,too. Lots of shopping, churches, schools. I think you will be happy with any of these towns.
What is the name of the town in which you will be moving? I may be able to tell you some things about it...
Hi, Michelle, I'm a Bama gal! I live about 30 minutes from downtown Birmingham, in a town called Argo. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was born and raised in Alabama, grew up in a city called Trussville. There is much to do and much to see in Alabama. Once you get settled in, you must travel to northern Alabama to a place just outside of a town called Fort Payne, to see Little River Canyon. It is absolutely georgious,and many people do not even know it exists. It is a...
You could use a little black, but I think it turns my green more of a gray/green shade. I mix moss green and kelly green to get a darker green color. HTH
Try adding some violet in with your blue. This will give you that deeper hue you are looking for and it will keep you from having to use SO much blue. Just don't add too much because it could end up all purple. I've had great success using the violet and royal blue icing colors together. Good luck!
Here is a link to the pic of my "leaf" cake, if you would like to sneak a peek. Thanks again for the help!!!
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