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Grease and flour your largest flower nail. Position it (flat side down) on the center of your ball pan. Pour the batter around it. Your oven will heat the nail, and that will help to bake your cake from the inside, just like a heating core, you just don't have that big hole in your cake.
OKAY, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start from the beginning.... or lead me to a tutorial or something. I cannot write on a cake for NOTHING! I hate writing on a cake, and this could just be the ticket I need. How do you keep the RI on the parchment or whatever you put it on? Doesn't it peel right off? TOtally confused and GRATEFULLY accepting any and all help, here! You guys never cease to amaze me!!!!!!!
Is anyone doing Duncan Hines' Cupcakes for a Cause this week to raise money for children with cancer? I just found out about it, and I think it's too late for me to do anything this year, but I would like to do it next year when I have time to prepare for it. Just wondering if anyone is doing a charitable bake sale for this or if you ever have- how did it go? What did you do?
Colabear71, I live in Alabama, and gas is about $3.19. This is LOW compared to what it has been over the last month. A few weeks ago, it was $4.09. I drive a Chevy Trailblazer. It takes every bit of $80-$90 to fill up once a week.Didn't know about Linens and Things. I'll check it out. Thanks for the insight.
My husband's cousin just moved to Calera. She loves it. It is a fairly small, older town. I don't know that it is "run down" so much as it is just an older town. Calera is part of Shelby County, and Shelby has really "stepped it up" over the last year or so- it's really growing. As a part of this, they have built a lot of new homes in the Calera area. It is a buyer's market, so really press/pursue that lower price if you do move to the area. Shelby County has a low...
Here is Louise's site. She had a store in the Center Point area for YEARS. My mom used to buy cakes from her when I was just a wee tot... I didn't realize until a year ago that it was the same Louise. Her store is FABULOUS! oh, by the way... a big ROLL TIDE to ya! We are on a roll this year! Bama is HOT!!!!!!
Have you heard about hiding a small plastic baby in the cake somewhere? Whoever receives the piece of cake with the baby in it is supposed to be blessed with a baby in the near future... It's a baby shower game....
Happy Trails is right on 431. Actually, it is in the midst of nothing, just outside of Wedowee, but right on the main hwy.
Kascarlett, my grandmother, aunt and uncle live in Five Points, AL near Opelika. My dad actually grew up there. Have you ever heard of or been to "Happy Trails" restaurant? My aunt and uncle own it. It is really a good place to eat. This is such a small world!
Thanks, Serenatea! I was brought up a city girl in the Center Point area and moved to Trussville in my teen years with my family. Both of which are major city life. My husband is from Carbon Hill, a little one red-light town in northwestern Alabama(Walker County). Very country... We love Argo. It's close enough to Trussville with all of its immenities, but far enough away to have our peace and quiet out here. Michelle, you're just going to love it!
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