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Great job!
Thanks so much! This is actually the cake that I was thinking about when I was asked to do a Wizard of Oz cake. I just haven't seen the blog about it. I appreciate it!
I've been asked to do a Wizard of Oz cake for a friend of mine. I am in need of a template to do a "Dorothy" shoe. All of the templates I've seen on CC are for backless shoes or slingbacks. Does anyone have a template for a "pump" or any tips/suggestions? Thanks!
PLEASE!!! and Thank you!!!
ditto, Suz3
My best friend has asked me to do her son's third birthday cake. She wants a 3D John Deere tractor. Does anyone have a tutorial/tips/suggestions for this? I've seen some great cakes on here, but no instructions. ANY help will be greatly appreciated! The cake is due the weekend after Christmas. THANKS!
How would it look to take one of those paper doilies and cut it to make it look like snowflakes, lay it on your cake and sprinkle powdered sugar on it? when you pull the doily up, the powdered sugar makes the snowflake design on the cake... That could be pretty with such contrasting colors...???
If she wanted "brown" chocolate swirly things on it, then she should have written it in the contract. What are contracts for, anyway? If she read it, understood it, signed it,'s really not your problem, just as you stated. Your cake is beautiful. I am a people pleaser, and want to go out of my way to make others happy/pleased, but in situations like this, ... I would stand my ground.
Here is the deer head cake I did (one of them): make this, I used a 9 x 13 pan, and carved one end rounded, and the other in a rounded "v" shape. I layered an 8" round on top of the 9 x 13 towards the top. I started carving from the top down towards the bottom cake, to give the shape of the head. I used a 4 inch round for the nose and carved more of a slant on the side closest to the top of the deer head, and more...
I found the recipe for "White Trash". 2 cups plain Rice Krispies cereal2 cups Cap'n Crunch cereal2 cups mini marshmallows1 large jar dry roasted peanuts2 2lb bars of white almond barkMix all ingredients (except almond bark) in bowl. Melt almond bark and pour over mixture. Drop small amounts of candy on waxed paper to cool. For the mason jar, only do a half recipe (just to fit it all in). (It will just be a sampling for the gift.) Be sure to attach the original...
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