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thank you so much! Great idea with the ice cream scoop!!!!!!
How many cupcakes will a Duncan Hines cake mix make, and how full should I fill each cupcake liner? Thanks!
Thanks for the help!
Can anyone tell me how to make peonies from gumpaste, or where I might find a tutorial? Thanks!
Anyone have any unique ideas for 4 wheelers and/or motorcycles...??? I thought about a motorcross track, but really want to steer away from a "solid brown" cake... any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!
Thanks so much! i'm looking forward to doing this one. I'll post a pic when I'm done!
will the turrets travel well? I even thought about putting the cake on a large piece of styrofoam and inserting skewers or dowel rods (spaced the diameter of the turrets) to help keep them upright and in place... do you think that would work???I am also thinking about doing a square castle rather than round, because I think it will serve more people... would that make it easier or harder?
Thank you all so much for your help! Wish me luck!
What is the best way to paint fondant? Everytime I try it, my "painting" comes out streaked and uneven color... What ration of icing color and extract do I use? Should it be thinner or thicker?Thanks!
My daughter wants a princess castle cake for her 3rd birthday. I'm "researching" and I would just like some honest input from those of you who have used the kit- if it's "user friendly", worth the money, or if it's better to just make my own turrets and castle design... any and all suggestions, tips, and opinions are always welcome and appreciated!!Thanks
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