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Thanks, everyone! These are some great ideas! I'd love to see the pics of the ones you've done!
Thanks! This does help. I was wondering mostly how to keep it stable while traveling.
I'm making a treasure chest for a friend. I have seen some wonderful treasure chest cakes on cc, but no tutorials. Can someone give me some directions for making the open lid, and how to stabilize it? Thanks, Everyone!
I'm looking for some simple, tasty, goody ideas to give my neighbors for Christmas. I know you all have some creative, festive ideas, so PLEASE share. Thanks, and MERRY CHRISTmas!!
I would love to have a tutorial on this. Thanks so much. What a great cake!
Anyone have a tutorial for doing a carousel cake? Thanks for any and all help!
YES!!! That was the very cake. Thanks you all!!! I knew you'd have some answers!! Have a lovely day!
I have seen numerous buttercream cakes on here (can't seem to find any now), where there are two different colors of buttercream icing used side by side on the cake. What is the trick to getting it smooth without smearing one color into another? There is one cake in particular I am thinking about. It is a tiered cake and all the way down the cake, one side is black, and the other side is white, and there are red gumpaste roses cascading down in between the colors.Thanks...
Interesting... I thought just the opposite! Thanks for the tip!
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