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The fruit dip is a jar of marshmallow cream and 1 8 oz cream cheese. I have put conf sugar in it before, too... I'm doing a groom's cake for my future brother-n-law, and he wants choc cake with cream cheese filling, choc icing, and choc ganache with choco dipped strawberries. I've never done a cream cheese filling, only cream cheese icing. I am just curious as to what would be the best... the cheese cake idea sounds really good... I don't know which to do. The fruit...
Anyone know if you can use the marshmallow/cream cheese fruit dip as a filing? Would it be too "slippery" for stacked cakes? If so, what are your opinions for the best cream cheese filling? Thanks!
WIll the nu silver make the fondant balls this shiny? They really have a metallic look to them. I saw on Fancy flours a silver glaze. It's pretty shiny, but doesn't have that metallic sheen. Thanks for the help!
My sister is getting married and wants a cake similar to the one attached. Are these dragees on the cake? If so, since they are so big, how do you get them to stick to the cake? Never used them before... thanks for any suggestions!
It is SOOO frustrating!!
Well, I wondered that... I was recently diagnosed with allergies AT THE AGE OF 36- never had issues before, and I've been on allergy meds for over a month. However, would it be that significant? I had a friend taste it, too, and even she said it tasted different, not bad, but not my usual. To my knowledge, I've never put my mixer parts in the dishwasher. If this happens to be what it is, however, do I have to ditch my mixer?
I have been using the same icing recipe for 5 years now and have never had any trouble with consistency or taste. The last 3 cakes I have done, I have noticed a different taste. I'm doing everything exactly the same... For the latest, I bought a new thing of Crisco, a different brand of confectioner's sugar and different brand flavoring. Still came up with the same taste. Maybe it's a silly question, but could it possibly be my mixer making it taste funny? The...
Where can I find a Hello Kitty cookie cutter and lollipop candy molds? Thanks!
WOW! FANTASTIC, Aussiemags! So authentic! I'm sure the birthday boy was all shades of impressed! I am! Thanks for posting!
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