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LOL ..that was cute!!
I use grease proof boards so there is no need to cover the board that goes in between the two cakes.
Congrats to you!!
Congrats to you! Your shop looks great!
You might want to take a look at the Price Matrix: is, I promise!
Ok, here you go! =0)I use a scale for most of my measurements, hope that doesn't cause anybody any headaches:CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER PIECrust:1 Pillsbury Pie Crust, Baked in a disposable pie tin, with lidOR frozen Pet RitzChocolate Layer:3.9 oz. Semi-Sweet Chocolate chips1 Tb. butter1 Tb. water1.1 oz 10X Sugar  Filling:1 c. butter7 oz. light brown sugar10 oz. smooth peanut butter8 oz. Cool Whip, thawedTop Layer:3.9 oz. Semi-sweet chocolate chips1 Tb. butter1 Tb. milk1-1/2...
..not a faux pas at all! Any kind of pie in particular that you are interested in? I make a mean chocolate peanut butter pie ...looks like a huge Reeses peanut butter cup in a pie shell, if you are interested!!
...once you add the icing on the cake, you might be cutting it a bit close IMHO!
I get mine in bulk from Food Service Direct:
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