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I've never made one but I can picture a 9 x 13 cake and on the top use wide strips of fondant, to resemble the noodles. You could "ruffle" the edges on the fondant using a ball tool. Use icing on the sides, to resemble the cottage cheese and whatever you made for spaghetti sauce on your spaghetti cake could be made for the sauce on this cake. Good luck, can't wait to see a pic!!
I have had the best of luck by using a fondant smoother on the icing after it crusts over. Have you tried it that way?
..I can't seem to find the old kind anymore but not sure if that is everywhere or not.
Yep, it's the new No Trans Fat version'll see the "green" colors on the lid as well.
That is the same one I make is out of this world delicious!!
Here you go:
I wrap mine in foil and then put each one in a zipper type bag. I have kept cakes in the freezer for several months with no problems!
Yes, they can be cut/trimmed. They are just made of card board, with a wax coating on top.
Here is a website where you could order them also:
...I have an account with CK Products.
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