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Cakes and Things is right there on 301 in Waldorf. They have tons of stuff!
Wow, your cake is just adorable!
You're welcome! Enjoy!
I get all my supplies from ....great products and fast service!
For a 14" cake, I prefer to use an 18" plate ...that would give you enough room for the icing and the border, with a little extra to spare.
I do a 50/50 mix to get the best of both worlds. The flexibility of fondant and the drying power of the gumpaste.
...absolutely! The piping gel stays real sticky. If it makes you feel better, take a few extra dragees with you but I really doubt that you will need them!
I haven't tried that one but there is a recipe on called Buttery Pound Cake is totally sweet and delicious. I'll see if I can find the link if you are interested.
I always use a dab of piping gel, never had a problem!
Hooray! Any pictures? We would love to see your finished product!!
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